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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about using Fidentity

How does the pricing work?

Pricing is calculated per location, plus any additional Fidentity Kiosks that an organization has set up in each location: Ex: Acme Inc purchases the Premium package and operates at two separate locations, one in California and one Florida as well as uses two Fidentity Kiosks at each establishment. Location License: (2 x 49.49) per month = $109.98 Additional Kiosks: (2 x 14.99) per month = $29.98 Total amount: = $139.96 10% Discounts available for yearly subscriptions

Why might I need an additional license?

If your location has multiple entry points, you may choose to have a kiosk at each entry point. Ensuring that every person that enters the building is being properly checked-in. Additionally, the Kiosk licenses can be transferred between locations ensuring the organization’s money is being spent efficiently. If your company is holding an event and will need to sign in a large number of visitors.

How Does Fidentity Help My Business?

Fidentity is a virtual visitor management system that documents who is visiting your business by collecting the relevant information customized by you, as well as a photo for easy identification by security, and the person they are there to meet! You can promptly inform their host that their visitor has arrived, track how frequently the person visits, and how long your visitors have stayed, as well as secure your workplace’s data by linking a standard or customized NDA form to the registration process. Schedule events, meetings, interviews, track visitor’s data, all through the one platform.

Which devices supported?

We support both Android Devices and iOS Device (iPads only). For the best user experience, we suggest using a device with a minimum of an 8-inch screen and recommend a 9-inch screen.

What qualifies as a separate location?

A separate location is the different spaces where the organization is established but operates basically independently from one another within an organization such as offices, warehouses, and satellite locations.

How can I pay for Fidentity?

We accept payment with a Credit Card. We accept the following cards Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, and American Express.