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The Future Of Safe Check-In Touchless Visitor Management Experience.

Switch to the touchless AI-powered visitor management system – Fidentity. Designed for a Covid-19 free front desk accessibility.

Touchless Check-in

Touchless Visitor Check-in

Fidentity’s touchless check-in accessibilities minimize the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Easy to install, this AI-powered visitor management system is everything you need to amp up your work premises with safety and security.

Host Notifications

Host Notifications

Fidentity is designed to be integrated with any communication channel that you may use, helping you receive instant messages, emails, and other custom notifications as and when a visitor enters the premises.

Analytics & Reporting

Viisitor Tracking Reporting

With Fidentity, you can access all the analytics, reports, and trends related to your visitor data, helping you keep a track of visitor patterns and behaviors. Live tracking reports help you check the activities of your visitors in real time.

Fidentity For A Safer Front Desk Experience

The smart solution to provide a safe and secure experience to your visitors and employees

COVID-19 Compliance
Fidentity provides touchless Facial Recognition, Mask Detection, Temperature Scans powered by AI. Navigate through the global pandemic safely with this world-class touchless visitor management system.
Streamline Visitor Management
With Fidentity, you can send pre-registration visitor passes to upcoming visitors and streamline the check-in process. You can also review any legal documents prior to their arrival ensuring that every visit is documented efficiently.
Assign e-Badges
Assign touchless e-badges that allow visitors to easily access your premises. Approve or deny access to certain rooms and capacities. Customize the accessibility rights of every visitor easily with Fidentity.
Schedule & Manage Meetings
Manage and schedule your meetings with visitors efficiently. With Fidentity, you are in control of planning organized personal interactions at different locations that do not overlap.
Reports & Data Export
Generate reports and export the data whenever you need it. Build detailed and customizable reports that help you make well-informed decisions for enhanced workplace safety backed by data.
Fidentity "talks" to your core business software. It exports data to the main payroll software and integrates with the external software using the Fidentity API.

How Does It Work?

Integrate Extant Workflows With Fidentity

Make visitor management more effective with select extant integrations

Integrate Slack to receive automatic real-time notifications as and when a new visitor checks in to the workplace.
Active Directory
Active Directory from Microsoft allows organizations and administrators to utilize the Single Sign-On feature of Fidentity.
G Suite Directory
Integrate the G-Suite Directory to sync the contact information of your returning visitors. Easily send notifications to users.
Integrate this extant tool for monthly forecasts, analytics, trends, and detailed reports of your returning visitors and employees.
This network access control software when integrated with Fidentity allows you to automatically authorize and enable Wi-Fi access to your visitors.
Integrate any application or in-house tool with Fidentity through Webhooks. Export or transfer your visitor or employee data in real time securely.
We have so many visitors and audience sign in. Fidentity is a great experience for them as it makes them feel unique. The pre-registration feature helps us streamline the security process and minimise confusion.
At TCS, we’re all about providing a modern, high-performance work environment. The moment visitors step in through the door, seeing this modern check-in experience powered by Fidentity emphasises that.

Secure Your Workplace With Touchless Employee Attendance + Stay Out of COVID-19 Zone!